Our team

Javier Garcia

Javier is a born entrepreneur, he is focused on tourism with more than 20 years of experience. Managing tourism companies, giving tourism and marketing formation, with a first level academic curriculum. He has a wide technical and commertial knowledge.

When he is not working, he tries to look for new places, new experiences, living them with his children and friends.

Carmen Torrecillas

Carmen has made tourism her way of life for more than 25 years, with a detailed knowkedge of how to treat her customers. She has a brilliant academic and labor curriculum.

She never gets tired of visiting new cities which she knows, always looking for new corners and landscapes. Meeting people and traditions, a proper traveler.

Aurora Pareja

Aurora is a person who lives tourism with a lot of passion. Discovering and living experiences in trips are something which motive her everyday. Dealing with customers and the experience which takes away in her trips is something that she tries to keep an eye on.

In her leisure time, she does sports, listens to music and for sure, she travels, something that she has always in mind.

We are involucrated if you are planning a trip.

Experience and customer service

Because all of us are customers, one way or another.

Contact us, we will tell you everything!

If you know your customers and you know what they want, we want to know you.

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